Mission Statement:

The College of Ordained Elders (C.O.E.) exist to meet the spiritual and temporal needs of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International and their local churches though the development of members in the areas of: itinerant preaching; teaching; pastoral care and administration.

Philosophical Approach:

Central to the perpetual vitality of every organization is the development and subsequent deployment of its leaders. The College of Ordained Elders (here after referred to by the term C.O.E) of the Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship will endeavor to fulfill the vision of our International Presiding Bishop as outlined in the policy and procedure manual by providing innovative, informative and stimulating educational opportunities that will be representative of the diversity of the FGBCF.

The COE is proposed to be comprised of Clergy Elders. This positive change distinction is necessary to accommodate the various ways in which Elders are utilized in their local churches.